Penis Cupcake Toppers

There are so many different ways that you can get creative with penis cupcake toppers! The thing about cake toppers is that they can be anything you want…no one eats them, so the possibilities are endless. Your penis cupcake topper can be anything that fits on your penis cupcake. Check out‘s selection of penis bachelorette party supplies and get creative, or get your wheels turning with some of the penis cupcake topper suggestions provided below.

The easiest way to get a variety of penis cupcake toppers–and the way to get the most for your money–is to get a bachelorette party kit. Bachelorette party kits come with a large amount of goodies that can be used as penis cupcake toppers. This bachelorette party kit from contains lots of penis-shaped items that would make great penis cupcake toppers, including: an ice cube tray, lollipops, wearable penis accessories, games and decks of cards, bachelorette party invitations, and plates and napkins (to keep your penis cupcake consumption civil!). Use the penis ice cube tray to make chocolate or other candy penises, which make create penis cupcake toppers. You can also use the set of 6 glowing shot glasses as penis cupcake toppers and then use them as shot glasses after! It’s a two for one deal! Stick one of the 6 “Lusty Lickers Penis Pops” into each cupcake for a double penis treat. As a penis garnish, place one of the included penis candy necklaces next to each penis cupcake. Treat the bride to the naked men camera as her special penis cupcake topper–this little key chain camera has a viewfinder, and when you look through it and click the button, you can see pictures of hot men! Hilarious!

Another penis cupcake topper idea is to go with something traditional like penis sprinkles. If you want a more vibrant color for your penis cupcake toppers, use these tiny penis candies (pictured below). You can add penis candles to your penis cupcakes after you decorate them with the candy or sprinkle toppers. Use mini-penis candles for the crowd and a big penis candle for the bride-to-be! 

Similarly to using penis candles as penis cupcake toppers, you could also use chocolate candy penises. has a variety of sizes, shapes and colors of chocolate penis candy that work fabulously as penis cupcake toppers. Use a gigantic chocolate penis for the bride and mini chocolate penises for the bachelorettes! This chocolate penis party pack (pictured below) comes with mini chocolate penises, vaginas, butts and boobs–all of which can be easily arranged on your penis cupcakes as toppers. You may also want to use colored chocolate penis candies (pictured at top) if you want to keep to a vibrant color scheme for your bachelorette party.